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SPICY 100: Kupah James

Hometown: Boston, MA

Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 35

Ethnicity: African American/Puerto Rican

Education: Curry College / Psychology

Profession: CEO | Klass Universal Entertainment

Hobbies: Fitness, DJ, Dancing, Movies Pet Peeves: Poor time management, interrupting mid-sentence, disingenuousness

Core Values: Independence, accountability, communication

S.P.I.C.Y. Score: 502/675

Looking For A Relationship And Not An Arrangement?

You and about a million other people are tired of wasting time on disappointing dates, experiencing meaningless sex, and frankly just being lonely as hell. At no fault of your own, we have been conditioned to think that meaningful relationships are by luck, fate, chance, or a higher power. This hopeful thinking is sweat, but developing healthy relationships are in fact within your control; which is exactly why Kupah James, is our top choice for this months “SPICY 100.”

Every month TSL is highlighting a fearless bachelor or bachelorette who is taking initiative in improving their love life through relationship coaching. Since you saw Kupah Last on BuzzFeed’s “Horoscope Blind Dates” with Spicy Mari & Astrofashionista, he's been more open than ever before to understanding Self-Awareness, Passion, Intimacy, Communication and learning to say YES.

As a successful and attractive entrepreneur, Kupah couldn't understand why he wasn't achieving his relationship goals. He tried al the popular apps Tinder, Bumble, The League and even tried dating his sister’s friends and still no luck. “Really? How hard could it be to find a strong-minded woman, who loves fitness, movies and intellectual conversations?” he thought. Similar to most of us, Kupah was dating based on profile pictures, and a nice resume but overlooking important components for relationship compatibility.

Kupah took the SPICY Assessment and discovered that although he scored well in Communication and Self-Awareness, his ability to say YES in relationships has been debilitating and nerve wracking for any woman interested in him. What he lacked in compromise he made up for with pearly white teeth and chiseled abs. He dated younger girls in order to have the authoritative upper hand and mastered the art of friend zoning women who couldn't hold his attention. Fast forward to his mid-thirties and he's ready for a relationship and not an arrangement but has to overcome the hurdle of intimacy. Identifying these key components helps Kupah acknowledge areas of weakness but more importantly, how to discern a woman that is right for him.

Take the SPICY ASSESSMENT and Get Results! Click here for the The Spicy Life store.

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