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Horoscope Blind Dates With BuzzFeed

The Spicy Life and BuzzFeed recently partnered with Professional Astrologer, Astro Fashionista, to match singles on blind dates based on their zodiac signs.

Check out your SPICY horoscope for August. This month we focus on Intimacy!

Aries: Try only using your tongue to please your boo.

Taurus: Your neck is your spot. Have your bae go to work.

Gemini: Phone sex on the way home is great four play.

Cancer: Four play on the washing machine. Sex on the dryer.

Leo: A 30 minute makeout session can be more fun than sex.

Virgo: You're a natural care taker. Play sexy doctor & patient.

Libra: Paint your boo's body with chocolate and lick it off.

Scorpio: Rip bae's clothes off as soon as they get home.

Sagittarius: Have a sexy staycation at a swanky hotel.

Capricorn: An older mate may teach you a thing or two.

Aquarius: Add spice by getting or giving a tantric massage.

Pisces: Bring your downward dog yoga move to the bedroom.

If you would like to take the SPICY Assessment and Get Results, click here!

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