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2018 Relationship Resolutions

Making healthy decisions for your love life can be challenging. Fortunately, for you we have some easy to apply #SPICYTIPS that can increase your chances of achieving a successful relationship this year. Subscribe to The Spicy Life Youtube Channel

Friends With Benefits

1. Say "Adios Amigo"

Release all friends with benefits, especially if you are starting to get emotionally attached. You are worth dating and publicly claiming. We think our “situationship” makes sense until we catch feelings. It occupies your time and it may take longer to meet your “Mr. Right” instead of “Mr. Right Now”


2. Your Body Is a Wonderland

Experiment sexually so you know what turns you on and gets you off (toys, porn, sleep naked). The better you understand your needs the better you can articulate to your partner what you like. You also get more comfortable taking matters into your own hands when you have a late-night itch that can’t be scratched.

Blind Date

3. Be Adventurous

Go on blind dates! Take every friend or cousin or auntie’s recommendation possible. Dating is a strategic number game. Someone knows someone who may be right for you so take a chance of a recommendation from someone who you trust. Remember Dating Is Like A Job Hunt.

Dating Apps

4. Spring Cleaning

Declutter your dating technology! Some of you are app thots! Just stick to one dating website and app. It’s too much work to try to juggle multiple profiles and messages. Just focus on one really good quality application (kinda like dating huh?)

Sexy photos

5. Good Bye

Peek-A- Boo

Stop sending nudes and dick picks to folks you’re not in a relationship with! Matter of fact, delete any naked pictures you have taken in the past so you aren't tempted to recyle the one you're proud of. Try waiting until you are ready to be intimate before you give a sneak peek at all the goodies.

If you have not been successful at dating and want to improve your dating style make an appointment with me at, GET STARTED.

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