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Your Purpose-Mate Awaits

Your Purpose-Mate Awaits is a transformational learning experience based on the S.P.I.C.Y. fundamentals. The psychology and emotions that influence human behavior are the key concepts reviewed in this course. Gaining key insight on how to raise your vibration and attract superior mates will empower you with the confidence to gain the desires of your heart. You will be challenged to elevate mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally throughout this program. 


In this purpose-driven course you will learn:

  • How to conquer your fear of rejection

  • Build self-esteem and eliminate insecurities

  • Shift limiting beliefs around love and relationships

  • Raise your vibration and become more magnetic

  • Command adoration through masculine and feminine energy channels

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Choose Your Learning Experience

Option 1:  6 week eCourse cohort experience and weekly virtual classroom sessions hosted by Relationship Expert Spicy Mari. This is for the love leader that operates best with support and accountability. 

Option 2:  Self-guided eCourse experience with no classroom sessions and no instructor. This is for the love leader that operates best independently. 

In Addition, you will receive:

  • Access to additional tools and resources ie. workbook, audio, video, and quizzes.

  • Access to one-on-one coaching at preferred member rates. 

  • Access your course content via the Kajabi mobile app.

If you are ready to finally unlock your power, passion, and purpose to align with your purpose-mate, this is the course for you.











Newly Wed Couple

Why will this eCourse work for me and how do I get started?

Your spirit is telling you that this is the season for change and you are finally ready to listen. The same self-determination that has served you in your career, health, family, and friends, will now be harnessed to achieve your relationship goals!  

Your Purpose-Mate Awaits educates you on how to date and form relationships with success!

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