Expert Advice.

Supportive Coaching.


Get the relationship advice that will transform your perspective and fuel your connections.


- Are you tired of being alone?

- Does meeting the right person feel like a job hunt?

- Are you frustrated with online dating or apps?

- Have you been striking out on dates and not sure why?


- Do you need help getting over your ex?

- Do you feel frustrated and disconnected from your partner?

- Is there a lack of passion and intimacy in the relationship?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then chances are a TSL Coach can help you. Your coach will listen to you and guide you through these difficult situations. 

The Spicy Life Program is a transformative dating and relationship training and development program. It is our premium service. The program includes unlimited coaching for the duration of the program, along with an online eCourse learning curriculum based on the S.P.I.C.Y. Fundamentals.


In addition, you will have access to our team of experts who will help in your transformation and achieve your dating and relationship goals. The length of the program varies based on your needs. 


Stephanie Wages and Alex

Los Angeles, CA

Stepping outside of my comfort zone has never been easy, so learning to say YES! was the most challenging part of the program for me. After going through the steps of S.P.I.C.Y, I was able to understand why Spicy Mari matched Alex and I together. I know myself so much better now, and it feels good to have someone every day by my side who just gets me. On Jan 1, 2017, Alex proposed and guess what I said without hesitation, YES!

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