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Put Love Back On Your To-Do List

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Love doesn't need to take a back seat to your career goals.

If you are one of the few Americans left still in pursuit of the union of marriage you will be happy to know that a recent study revealed the following:

  • 88% of people believe that love is a great reason to get married.

  • 76% believe the reason for marriage is companionship.

  • Less than 28% believe financial stability as a reason to get married.

  • 78% women say financial security plays a role when choosing a partner.

Confused yet? In other words, while we dream of getting married because we found true love, "we (women) prioritize financial stability for our lives and use it as a tool in the selection process of our mate more often than men do."

Hard work and dedication are important factors in reaching success, which also means that you’re less likely to be out socializing to meet someone. If anything, you’re hanging out just to take the edge off from a long work week. If you are one of the few that isn’t dedicating more time to their career than to their love life, you are a rarity and The Spicy Life would love to hear from you at For the other 58% that believe "true love is harder to achieve than financial success", preparation, control, monitoring and technology may be contributing factors.


Men and women are convinced by their parents, teachers and even peers that the steps to financial success include, a proper education, work experience/internship and climbing the corporate ladder. (Sound investments and saving are top priorities).

No one says, “hey don’t forget to learn your love language” in high school. More importantly, you don’t attend Intimacy Education in school, you attend “Sex Ed” or Physical Education so guess what you practice more of, hubba hubba.

#SPICYTIP Educate yourself on the elements of a healthy relationship before you enter into one. Relationship Coaching, The Spicy Life Seminars, Matchmaking, Self- Help Books “Getting To I Do” “The Emotionally Unavailable Man,” Men Are From Mars, Woman Are From Venus.”


Men and woman can independently control 100% of their finances. When to invest, how to invest, salary negotiation, student loan repayment, credit card use and budgeting.

You can’t control true love, it’s emotional and 50% dependent on someone else entirely. Not to mention it’s usually based on indescribable, temporary, feelings (chemistry, sparks, passion, romance).

#SPICYTIP You can't control someone else but you can be more self-aware. Operate off of what you need, not just what you want to ensure compatibility and eliminate elementary risk.


Your credit score, the stock market, pay stubs and bank account can all be monitored and checked multiple times a day. How can we increase ROI? At work we are taught to get feedback from our managers, clients and customers.

We aren't checking in with our dates or partners everyday monitoring areas for growth or improvement (we’re winging it).

#SPICYTIP Would you date yourself? Find out why someone wouldn't want to date you. Check in with your dates or your partner and ask where you can improve, if not for them, then for the next person.


We utilize technology every day to make more sound investments, we will research and google anything we don’t know for a boardroom presentation or interview. We will spend hours on LinkedIn and Career Builder submitting 100’s of resumes or attending networking events and recruitment fairs.

We download an app and swipe left until we see a resume/profile we like. Hardly anytime or effort is put into preparing ourselves for the in-person date/interview and we definitely don’t do a background check before we offer them a benefits package. We won’t commit because we want to keep our options open for a better offer.

#SPICYTIP Use online dating sites and apps as a compliment to your personal endeavors. Make sure you’re still going out, telling friends to set you up or hire a matchmaker. Dating Is Like A Job Hunt. The more resumes you get out there, the more you increase your chances of scheduling interviews and landing offers. You have to practice dating just like you have to practice interviewing, so that you get comfortable and the company is so wow'd and thinks you’re a great cultural fit, they want you to stay permanently.

Can You Multi-Task During Your Career Climb and Invest In Your Love Life? Say it with me, "Si se puede!"

Matter of fact, book a consultation with me now and lets talk about it!

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